Features and Amenities in New Tengah Town Master Plan

The New Tengah Town Master Plan has many innovative features and amenities that will make it a great place to live. One of these innovations is a car-lite environment. The plan’s underground roadways will separate vehicular traffic from pedestrian lanes. It will also have an entirely car-free town centre. This will allow residents to get to work and play without having to drive their cars.

A new project located near the CBD will provide homeowners in Tengah with smart condominiums and green infrastructure. These will promote a healthy lifestyle and help reduce pollution, while providing quick access to the city center and major highways.

Located near Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and several greeneries, Tengah EC is set to be a place where nature and urban design converge. This will make the entire development a place where residents can grow and lead healthy lifestyles. There will be plenty of space and greenery throughout the community, with a swimming pool and fitness center. In addition, residents will enjoy free parking and public transportation.

The proposed Tengah Estate EC project will be the first executive condominium in the forest town. This project is a joint venture between Taurus Properties SG and MCL Land and will have six hundred and twenty-two residential units spread over twelve blocks, each with fourteen-storeys. The development will feature a sports center and polyclinic. It will also be located near three MRT stations.

The new town is the perfect place for residents to relax and enjoy the outdoors. A central park, named the “Market Place,” will be surrounded by lush greenery and a forest theme. A car-lite town centre and integrated community hub will make Tengah EC a sustainable place for residents. The community will offer new recreational and living opportunities to all, and will complement the existing Jurong Lake District and Jurong Innovation District.

Tengah EC is an innovative development that combines greenery and modern technology. It is the first smart town in Singapore and provides a diverse range of living and recreation opportunities. Located in the western part of Singapore, Tengah EC is designed to help people find a work-life balance and create new living opportunities. Its area is roughly three-quarters of the size of Punggol, and it will feature comprehensive communal facilities and services.

Tengah EC is surrounded by a pristine natural environment, which promotes physical rejuvenation and total relaxation. The area has many species of plants and water features, which purify the air and enhance the atmosphere. This helps people to relax and recharge their minds.

The Tengah Garden Walk EC is located near Jurong Region Line MRT stations. This line is Singapore’s seventh MRT line, and is set to improve connectivity in western Singapore. According to Tan Wee Hsien, MCL Land’s chief executive officer, Tengah EC will offer impressive Luminar Grand transportation connectivity. As one of the few executive condominium sites within walking distance of upcoming MRT stations, Tengah EC will be convenient to the rest of the city.

The Tengah EC is located in the Jurong East district, one of Singapore’s fastest-growing regions. It is home to the Ministry of National Development, the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority, the Building and Construction Authority, and several hawker centres. It is also close to the Khatib MRT interchange, a transport interchange, and several shopping malls and hawker centres. Investors should consider this area when considering an EC purchase.

Tengah EC is an environmentally-conscious community that boasts a car-lite environment. The community is easily accessible via public transportation and has an extensive network of bicycle lanes. The development also offers free parking and is close to future MRT stations. The area also has ample outdoor space for residents.

The area is also close to greenery and nature reserves. The township itself has plans to have a car-lite town centre and features green building technologies. The buildings are constructed of recycled materials and are equipped with solar panels. It also boasts a planned car-free town centre with plenty of dining options. This eco-friendly environment promises a healthy lifestyle for residents.

The development is also near several major expressways, including the Pan Island Expressway, Kranji Expressway, and Bukit Timah Expressway. These routes enable seamless travel and minimize traffic time. Moreover, they connect directly to the Central Business District and Marina Bay. Additionally, there are several shopping malls within easy driving distance.

The community is also close to existing schools, including Princess Elizabeth Primary School and Shuqun Primary School. Other amenities include a community club, sports center, and a polyclinic. In addition, residents can take advantage of the nearby nature reserve.

The development will feature a 5km-long, 100m-wide forest corridor with different species of rainforest trees planted along the way. The corridor will link the Central Catchment Nature Reserve to the Western Water Catchment Area. The town will also feature hiking trails for residents to explore the area.

The town will be connected to nearby town centres via a planned Jurong Region Line and buses. It will also be within walking distance of a MRT station. The town will also be Singapore’s first car-free town centre, with all vehicles running underground to create a safer environment for people to walk and cycle.

The town will have eco-friendly water features and a smart waste management system. Eco-pedestals will also be built into flats. The town is expected to become Singapore’s first smart town, with smart technologies integrated throughout. In addition, residents will enjoy energy and water conservation features, which include automated waste systems and software to help them plan their lifestyles.

The town will be home to 42,000 new residents. It will also have dedicated space for community farming. Residents will also have access to a health and medical facility. A community centre will also be located within the town.

Located in the Plantation District, this first public housing project features grove-like spaces and intimate courtyards. The development is also near two upcoming Jurong Region Line (JRL) MRT stations. Once complete, the JRL will offer 24 stations, including three interchange stations. It will connect the East-West and North-South lines. The development will also include a tree-and-fruit garden and relaxation areas. It will also offer 1,620 units of 2-room, 3-room, and four-room Flexi apartments.

This residential development is located close to the Jurong Innovation District, a 600-hectare area that encompasses the Nanyang Technological University, JTC Clean Tech Park, Bulim and Bahar areas. The development is expected to be complete in 2025.

In November 2018, the Housing and Development Board of Singapore (HDB) announced the launch of several new residential projects in Singapore. Among them is the new Plantation Grove in Tengah. Its design features lush landscaping and intimate wooded courtyards, and the flats will blend in with their surroundings. This development will consist of approximately 1,620 new HDB flats, ranging from 2-room flexi to large 3-bedroom units.

The Plantation District of the New Tengay Town Master Plan features a wide variety of amenities and an open green space. This district will offer ample recreational and educational facilities, as well as a residential component. All these amenities are within a 500-meter walk of the development. This will help reduce travel time and improve accessibility.

The town plan for Tengah has prioritized sustainability and the environment. It will have six themed playgrounds, a car-lite environment, and numerous green spaces and park connectors. Additionally, it will have a new sky corridor, spanning 11 kilometers, which is expected to facilitate smooth transitions between different modes of transport such as buses, shuttles, and pedestrians.

The future EC of Tengah will feature shared facilities and smart solutions that will reduce the reliance on cars, thereby reducing carbon emission. It will also introduce features such as regenerative lifts that distribute electricity to the building’s electrical network. A number of other innovative features are planned for Tengah, such as eco-pedestals in the bathrooms.

The estate is located near the Pan-Island Expressway and Brickland Road. It will also have a pedestrian bridge connecting the new estate with the rest of the town. The development will have a gross floor area of 61,659 square metres and 12 blocks with 14-storey buildings. A total of 615 units are expected to be built at the estate.

The first Build-To-Order housing development in Tengah is called “Plantation Grove.” This BTO development will have lush landscaping and intimate wooded courtyards that will blend in with the surrounding environment. It is anticipated that this BTO development will feature 1,620 units spread out over seventeen residential blocks. This map gives an overview of where the homes will be.

The new town of Tengah is currently under development, and the draft Master Plan includes twelve plots for educational institutions. However, it is unclear what types of schools will be provided in the town. For now, residents will have to rely on the town’s neighbours to find out what their options are for schooling.

Tengah is a forest town, and its master plan includes a 5-km long forest corridor. This green space will be home to rainforest tree species and hiking trails. It is expected to create a hub for the surrounding community. By 2040, this green corridor will be the world’s largest.

The plan also includes a SMART town centre with green features and smart technologies. The town’s planners aim to incorporate existing ecosystems and provide a “lived-in experience” for residents. The town’s master plan is set to incorporate many eco-friendly features, as well as first-of-their-kind designs.

The master plan also features plans to construct four new MRT stations, which will be on the Jurong Regional Line. One of these stations will be located in Tengah Park, close to the plantation district, and will be opposite Dulwich College. When complete, this station will allow residents of Tengah to travel more easily to and from the Pandan Reservoir.






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